Brave Baby, "Forty Bells" CD


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Brave Baby's debut album "Forty Bells."
Released January 15, 2013
on Hearts & Plugs, H&P005

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc.

*Packaging: Digipak

Track Listing:
1. Magic and Fire
2. Nothing in Return
3. Forty Bells
4. Lakeside Trust
5. Days of Our Youth
6. Grandad
7. Cooper River Night
8. Living in a Country
9. Foxes and Dogs
10. Last Gold Rush
11. Denmark

Produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman and Brave Baby

Recorded and Mixed at The Space by Wolfgang Zimmerman

Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B

Cover Artwork by Adam Eddy
Graphic Design by Megan Elger at Apartment A

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